PREVIEW: For My Sins: The Trials and Temptations of Mr. Pembroke E. Silverwood

 What follows here is just a preview of a full story to come in the future. Enjoy!

As he opened his eyes, Pembroke knew it was going to be a bad day from the look on the Jaguar's face. "It's strange, the thoughts that run through one's head when inches from the gaping maw of a Jaguar," he thought much later. Surprisingly, one of them was breakfast. Specifically, was there any, and could he get some before being torn to shreds by this unwelcome beast.

Breakfast, however, was not the prime focus of Pembroke's mind as he lay beneath this jungle cat. In fact, the first thought to run through his sleep addled mind was not, as one might have expected, "Oh, my, a great beast is going to tear me apart with its frighteningly powerful jaws of death," but rather, "Oh, my, this great damn cat has placed its hind foot directly on top of my nethers." It was, in fact, Pembroke's brain returning to this first thought that allowed him to finally work up the courage to push the great feline off of him and onto the floor before sitting up and calling loudly for its owner. He had realized, in his moment of distress and pain, that only a domesticated animal could so unerringly place is foot as to achieve maximum testicle crushing effectiveness.

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